Wilderness fly fishing founded in 2016 specialises in guided fly fishing on the rivers and lakes close to Melbourne. We offer single or multi-day trips that can be tailored to suit beginners through to advanced techniques for more experienced anglers. Our highly skilled guides are passionate about sharing their craft in a relaxed and fun environment, ensuring a great day out on the water.

For those seeking adventure further afield, we also offer trips to the Snowy Mountains, New Zealand and remote islands of the Pacific.

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(Disclaimer: Fly fishing is the most enjoyable activity that can be undertaken in the outdoors. Fresh air, clear water, laughter and lack of stress may be beneficial to your health. Wilderness Fly fishing accepts no responsibility for the breakdown of relationships as a result of future spending on tackle.)

meet our


Scott Xanthoulakis

Scott Xanthoulakis

Head Guide
James Norney

James Norney

Fly fishing guide
Kiel Jones

Kiel Jones

Fly fishing guide
Chris Schrueder

Chris Schrueder

Fly fishing guide


Scott founded Wilderness Fly fishing in 2016 because of his passion for fishing wild places.

Learning to cast a fly at the age of twelve, Scott learned his craft from some of Australia’s finest fly fishers, fly tiers, guides and writers. The rivers and streams of North-East Victoria and the Snowy Mountains, as well as the lakes of Victoria’s Goldfield regions played backdrop to what many called a “misspent youth”. We’re still not sure about that!

Like many, Scott’s passion turned to obsession, with him regularly venturing to exotic locations like New Zealand, Tasmania, Montana and many Pacific Islands, including exploratory trips to ‘off-the-grid’ islands.

Nowadays, Scott gains his greatest fulfilment from teaching others the finest details of fly fishing and seeing the enjoyment that it brings them. A trip with Wilderness Fly fishing will not only make you a better fly fisher, it will remind you that fly fishing should always be fun.

Whether you want to learn new skills, master the art, or just have a fun day enjoying the outdoors, Wilderness Fly fishing can tailor a trip to your needs. Want to do it with a group of friends? Scott has a network of equally obsessed and experienced guides that can assist with groups.

Scott is certified in first aid, is a member of the PFIGA (professional guides association) and is fully insured.


James is a self confessed fly fishing junkie. Not only an expert in Fly Fishing for trout in North East Victoria, James has travelled the globe searching of that perfect fish on the fly. James is a passionate teacher of both single handed and double handed fly fishing. Photography is another passion of James’ and is evident on his Instagram page @mountainflyvic.

James is certified in first aid and is fully insured.


Kiel grew up fishing Victoria’s central highland lakes. He caught his first trout on fly at age 11 and never turned back, becoming obsessed with turning over the rocks at Hepburn and Newlyn in search of any bug that could trick a fish. The drought hit, lakes emptied but the flyfishing addiction didn’t yield.With many trips and a holiday house in East Gippsland, he graduated from bugs to shrimp. Bream, estuary perch and bass occupied most of Kiel’s teenage years while waiting for the lakes and rivers.

These days, with lakes full and rivers flowing, Kiel’s flyfishing habit leads him all over Australia and the world – back at the highland lakes chasing midge feeding trout, spring time dun feeders on the shores of the local waters, the rivers of New Zealand’s back country, GT’s and bone fish on pacific islands, Victoria’s north east rivers and the Snowy Mountain streams of NSW.

Or there’s the ever elusive estuaries of south east Victoria. Since picking up a rod Kiel’s been chasing bream and other estuary targets in and along the ship wreck coast, frequenting the Hopkins, Aire, and Curdies rivers.

Kiel guides at one of Australia’s premier trout fisheries Millbrook Lakes and works part-time at The Flyfisher in Melbourne. Kiel is an enthusiastic guide who has a passion for teaching beginners and to take seasoned fly fishers to the next level, his drive for catching fish and having a good time is infectious.


Like many fly fishers Chris began his fishing as a 6 year old jetty rat under the watchful gaze of his grandfather. The bug bit hard and when Chris was older he would ride his bmx down to the local Radelaide beaches and would always nag his parents to go on holidays based on the fishing. (His wife still has to contend with that!)

Bait transitioned to lures, bmx’s became skateboards and when he moved to Melbourne in the early 90’s, fly fishing became an obsession and 4wd’s became the required mode of transport. Yes Chris is old enough to have seen Brad Pitt cast on VHS and A River Somewhere air on the ABC.

Chris’ first love on fly is trout and the search for bigger fish and more challenging fishing led to many trips to Tasmania and New Zealand over the last two decades. He has written articles for FlyStream as well as the local newspapers.

Chris is one of the founders and a former president of the Calder Fly Fishing Association and is currently the club secretary.
He is a self confessed gear junkie and loves the way that fly fishing combines technology, skill, travel and the beauty of the great outdoors in a way that few other sports can match.