Kiel Jones

Kiel grew up fishing Victoria’s central highland lakes. He caught his first trout on fly at age 11 and never turned back, becoming obsessed with turning over the rocks at Hepburn and Newlyn in search of any bug that could trick a fish. The drought hit, lakes emptied but the flyfishing addiction didn’t yield.With many trips and a holiday house in East Gippsland, he graduated from bugs to shrimp. Bream, estuary perch and bass occupied most of Kiel’s teenage years while waiting for the lakes and rivers.

These days, with lakes full and rivers flowing, Kiel’s flyfishing habit leads him all over Australia and the world – back at the highland lakes chasing midge feeding trout, spring time dun feeders on the shores of the local waters, the rivers of New Zealand’s back country, GT’s and bone fish on pacific islands, Victoria’s north east rivers and the Snowy Mountain streams of NSW.

Or there’s the ever elusive estuaries of south east Victoria. Since picking up a rod Kiel’s been chasing bream and other estuary targets in and along the ship wreck coast, frequenting the Hopkins, Aire, and Curdies rivers.

Kiel guides at one of Australia’s premier trout fisheries Millbrook Lakes and works part-time at The Flyfisher in Melbourne. Kiel is an enthusiastic guide who has a passion for teaching beginners and to take seasoned fly fishers to the next level, his drive for catching fish and having a good time is infectious.