Chris Schrueder
Like many fly fishers Chris began his fishing as a 6 year old jetty rat under the watchful gaze of his grandfather. The bug bit hard and when Chris was older he would ride his bmx down to the local Radelaide beaches and would always nag his parents to go on holidays based on the fishing. (His wife still has to contend with that!)
Bait transitioned to lures, bmx’s became skateboards and when he moved to Melbourne in the early 90’s, fly fishing became an obsession and 4wd’s became the required mode of transport. Yes Chris is old enough to have seen Brad Pitt cast on VHS and A River Somewhere air on the ABC.
Chris’ first love on fly is trout and the search for bigger fish and more challenging fishing led to many trips to Tasmania and New Zealand over the last two decades. He has written articles for FlyStream as well as the local newspapers.
Chris is one of the founders and a former president of the Calder Fly Fishing Association and is currently the club secretary.
He is a self confessed gear junkie and loves the way that fly fishing combines technology, skill, travel and the beauty of the great outdoors in a way that few other sports can match.